All hair from pubic area and bottom is removed.

A strip of hair is left at the front. All other hair is removed, including labia and bottom

A strip or triangle of hair is left at the front and on the labia. Hair is removed from the top, high sides, and bottom.

This is a high leg bikini wax, removing hair from the bikini line and inner thigh.

A tidy-up. Removal of hair from outside the panty line.




 Hollywood – Info 45 Mins £40
 Brazilian – Info 45 Mins £35
 G-String – Info 30 Mins £30
 Extended Bikini – Info 30 Mins £23
 Basic Bikini – Info 15 Mins £16
 Under Arm Waxing 15 Mins £16
 Lip/Chin 15 Mins £15
 Eyebrow 15 Mins £15

Frequently Asked Questions

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