Bare & Buff

Bare & Buff specialise in no fuss, less pain wax hair removal. Tucked away in its own private and specifically designed room in the relaxing and sumptuous surroundings of Eve & Adam Day Spa, central St Albans, we offer the exclusive Australian brand Lycon Hot wax (perfect for intimate areas) and the highly revered PHD roller strip wax method.

We understand that waxing can be a daunting process for some and our aim is for you to have a virtually painless & highly professional experience here at Bare & Buff. Our therapists are trained to Advanced Waxing Certification and offer full pre and post consultations to ensure we offer you the ultimate service and experience. We recommend the most suitable wax,pre/post oils and lotions for your skin and hair type,ensuring we provide you with a hygienic, fast, effective, and virtually pain-free treatment.

specialist waxing bar st albans lycon notes

BARE & BUFF WAXING PRICESspecialist waxing bar st albans lycon
All hair from pubic area and bottom is removed.
A strip of hair is left at the front. All other hair is removed, including labia and bottom
A strip or triangle of hair is left at the front and on the labia. Hair is removed from the top, high sides, and bottom.
This is a high leg bikini wax, removing hair from the bikini line and inner thigh.
A tidy-up. Removal of hair from outside the panty line.

What is hot wax?
Hot wax is applied in a thick layer and left to set.
It is gentler because a specialist oil is applied to the skin prior to the wax
so that the hair sticks to the wax, not the skin. The heat also allows the
hair follicle to open up before the wax is peeled off
Hot wax removes more stubborn hair and provides a superior finish.

Where do you use hot wax?
We only use hot wax for bikini, underarm, and facial hair and sometimes
hot wax for legs.
We use strip wax for arms and legs.
This means a thin layer of wax is applied and removed with a paper strip.

How much hair growth do I need before

Half centimetre or longer is ideal. If you feel it’s too long, don’t worry, we
can trim it for you.

What should I do to prepare for my
waxing treatment?

Gently exfoliate and moisturise the day before your treatment.
This will prepare your skin and remove dead skin cells, making your wax
more comfortable.
Don’t use a sunbed/solarium for a couple of days prior to your appointment
as this will sensitise the area.

How long will my wax last?
Everyone is different, but you should get two to three good hair free weeks,
then it will start to grow back.
Now is a good time to gently exfoliate to help the hair break through the skin.
Most people return every four or five weeks.
I’ve been shaving/using hair removal cream
Let the hair grow to a minimum of half a centimetre long.
The longer you can leave it the better.

I’ve heard that waxing can be quite painful.
Is there anything I can do?

Using hot/hard wax is much less painful than strip wax.
If you are concerned, you can take a paracetamol half
an hour before your appointment.
If you are tired, run down, due your period or are hungover
you might feel more sensitive.

How do I get the most out of my waxing treatment?
Keep the area moisturized & exfoliate, this will enable
the hair to break through the skin easily.
Exfoliate one to two weeks after being waxed when
you feel the hair growing back.
Do not exfoliate everyday, just once or twice a week
at most.
Regularly wash your exfoliating gloves/mit in your
washing machine.
Use our amazing INGROWN X-IT on the waxed area
after every shower.

What about waxing aftercare?
Avoid sun exposure, deodorant, highly perfumed lotions
and potions, hot showers, sunbeds (for 48 hours), swimming
pools, saunas, spas, and strenuous exercise (sweating) for
24 hours. Your pores are open, so you should avoid anything
that would irritate the area or encourage bacteria.