Complete skin, body and lifestyle solutions for men.
Book one now & your partner receives £10 off an Elemis treatment! Eve and Adam offer treatments and packages for men from facials, back & chest waxing, to mens spa pedicure, hand & nail treatments plus full body wraps and deep tissue massages.

male massage mens grooming in St Albans
Elemis Time for men skincare range
These power-packed treatment products deliver the ultimate 3-phase grooming programme; cleanse, shave and protect.
It is a popular myth that male skin requires less nurturing than female skin. Regular exfoliation helps prevent in-grown hairs, whilst daily moisturisation
re-energises the skin and challenges the ageing process.

 TimeSingleCourse of 6SavingCourse of 8Saving
Lip15 min£80£400£80£480£160
Chin15 min£90£450£90£540£180
Lip + Chin30 min£120£600£120£720£240
Full Face30 min£220£1,100 £220£1,320 £440
Bikini15 min£120£600£120£720£240
Underarms15 min£120£600£120£720£240
Abdomen/Lower or Upper Arms30 min£140£700£140£840£280
Brazilian30 min£140£700£140£840£280
Chest/Half Back30 min£150£750£150£900£300
Full Back/Full Arms45 min£250£1,250 £250£1,500 £500
Hollywood30 min£150£750£150£900£300
Half Leg30 min£220£1,100 £220£1,320 £440
Full Leg45 min£250£1,250 £250£1,500 £500
Half Leg and Bikini45 min£300£1,500 £300£1,800 £600