AlumierMD Peels

AlumierMD comes from the word “illuminate”. Illuminate /v/-(1) to make clear or bright; (2) to enlighten or share knowledge

AlumierMD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. A team of top scientists and physicians now bring the most effective formulations using optimal medical-grade ingredients.   This range offers multifaceted, results-oriented skin care that target the underlying physiology related to each skin type, condition and person. The AlumierMD skin care line is customized to meet each individual’s needs for optimal results. 
Focussed on the science behind great skin, this comprehensive medical skin care line includes state of the art science-based, luxurious formulations with innovative delivery systems. These products address multiple skin concerns, deliver results and perform progressively over time.

Professional Treatments

We offer a range of AlumierMD professional facial treatments from facials to peels and radiance treatments. The peels come in lights and medium depths that can be repeated for progressive and gradual results with minimal downtime. As the most beneficial ingredients for the skin tend to degrade or denature when placed in the low pH of chemical peel formulas, AlumierMD peels use only the pure acids; antioxidants, anti- ageing  and brightening booster ingredients are applied post-peel in the Brightening Accelerator so all components remain optimally effective.

AlumierMD Home Care

The home care range features the highest quality ingredients.  There is no ‘angel dusting’ in the products – the bioavailability of every molecule has been optimised and delivers a therapeutic purpose.  Making up the selection of home care are three SPF’s to protect including tinted formulas, a trio of products to reduce oxidative stress and sensitivity, four formulas to increase collagen, elastin and clarity, seven products dedicated to stimulation including three strengths of retinol and three moisturisers. In addition to that, there are three supporting products – targeting the eyes and a neck and décolleté cream alongside three cleansers.



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