Worried about Intimate Waxing?

Worried about intimate waxing? Here are some tips to help overcome any fears…


1) Knowledge – Meet the therapist & take a look at the wax and room. You’ll feel more comfortable when you’ve asked questions and know a little more about what to expect.
2) Also ask friends about their experience and get any tips. Girls like sharing experiences!
3) Are you worried about exposing ‘that’ area?! – don’t worry. As therapists we are NOT looking or assessing your parts! We are professional and are here to provide a service and do this treatment many times over a day.
4) Is it pain you are worried about? Our Lycon hot wax is one of the least painful products on the market. The wax is flexible due to its soothing essential oils so is easier & quicker to remove and we find the best distraction tactic – is talking!
5) If  you’re really worried about pain – Some clients have been known to take pain relief or have a stiff drink prior to their wax – if anything, this would relax you!
6) Have a smaller area waxed first – ie, have an underarm or standard bikini wax? That way you’ll be familiar with the sensation and procedure before attempting the full monty
7) Visualise the end product – think how you will undress in the changing room or jump into the pool with the confidence there will not be a hair is in sight!
8) Remember this is just a moment in time – in fact just 30 minutes every 5 weeks to achieve a smooth and hair free finish!
9) Think PAST your first visit. If you book in every 5 weeks the hair removal gets easier and quicker each time
10) Reward yourself afterwards with a treat – maybe new pair of knickers 

Top Tips to a healthier skin this Autumn

As much as I love the changing seasons of this country, they can play absolute havoc with our skin.
Autumn is now with us and like the leaves on the trees, our skin may now feel dry, dehydrated and flaky thanks to sun, air conditioning and heat exposure over the summer.
Now is a great time to take stock and get your skin glowing and re-hydrated ready to tackle the mixed temperatures of winter.
Over the summer, you may have chosen to spend more than a few hours on a deck chair, ignoring the fact that extensive sun exposure can affect your skin. Regardless of whether you spent time tanning or not, obviously wearing your ENVIRON RAD and sunscreens, your skin will certainly now need some TLC.

1. Have Facials to Restore Health to Your Skin. A cleansing facial is recommended to remove all the sunscreen you put on, which can sometimes clog the pores. As a matter of fact, weekly facials enable you to unlock a virtually endless list of important benefits. For example, this type of pampering treatment allows you to relax and reduces stress levels while helping you achieve a beautiful, glowing complexion. Through a well-balanced combination of professional products and proper massage techniques, facials heal you body and soul, giving you the chance to feel rejuvenated, lightweight, and stress-free for many hours in a row. On top of that, facials boost blood flow, facilitating skin cell renewal—which basically means that you can shed years off your skin and take pride in a radiant complexion without lifting a finger; schedule professional facials on a regular basis and you (and your skin) will feel brighter and more balanced in no time.

2. Adopt a daily skincare routine. Pop into the salon for a FREE 10-15mins  skincare consultation, or after a facial, a therapist will talk you through the correct procedure and products for your skin.
You could even book into one of our Environ Skin Analysis event where your skin is scanned using visia technology to reveal it’s true skin condition. It is important to cleanse and exfoliate your skin properly now and use a gentle eye makeup (oily) remover,  always. A richer moisturiser, perhaps even consider a night cream, is important with harsher weather approaching.

3. Oxygen & ‘what goes in your mouth’. Implement a few dietary changes to support the positive transformation of your complexion. Say goodbye to processed foods, eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables, and try to replace at least one meal with a nutritious green smoothie. Add seeds & avocados for natural oils and pulses, lean white meat and fish for protein.
Get out and look around you at the array of Autumn colours! Jog or powerwalk alone, or with a friend as much as you can. Get some weight bearing exercise in two or three times a week also. This increases our bone density and muscle which will burn fat quicker. Hit the gym or download an HIIT (High Intensity Interval) programme to do at home. Believe it or not, physical activity not only stimulates you mentally, it promotes better circulation and keeps your skin vibrant and healthy…and you only need 30mins a day.

4. The land of nod….yes I am not particularly good at achieving 7-8hrs of sleep a night myself. But what a difference I immediately see in my skin, when I do!  Our bodies heal at night.  Sleep is restorative so aim to get as much as possible of it a night.  A good book, warm shower or bath – or even better – a massage could help you drift off into a dreamy sleep….and KEEP ELECTRONIC DEVICES OUTSIDE OF THE BEDROOM

Hope this is helpful

Sally Shepherd