Is a regular cleansing regime important …or will wipes do?

Go on admit it….you’ve used wipes to remove make-up or clean you face before.  Perhaps you regularly do?  That could be considered better than using soap and water I suppose.  Even if you don’t wear make-up it is really important to ensure we clean our face properly each day.  Our skin is actually the biggest organ of our bodies, and is often overlooked even though it’s the one we see! It needs to breath in order to repair and rejuvenate.  If you think about what might ‘hitch a lift’ each day on it – bacteria, dust mites, dirt, sweat and bacteria to name a few – it is not a pretty thought.  If they are not removed these critters block the pores causing spots, dry or a grey and lifeless complexion.

Unsure of what routine and products to use?  If you are partial to water then a wash may be for you.  If you have dry or mature skin then I would recommend a creamy cleanser (some remove eye make-up too – eg Elemis rehydrating rosepetal cleanser).  For the mature skin try the NEW Elemis Pro Collagen cleansing balm. Follow by toning.  This is key as it rebalances the PH of the skin, plus you won’t believe how much more dirt is removed in this stage! Mature skins should add a serum at this stage, eye cream plus a good moisturiser. I’ll talk about exfoliating next time.

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