Dermaviduals Facials

Up until the 1960’s it was commonly thought that the Stratum Corneum was nothing more than a graveyard of dead skin cells, with no real purpose. The physiology of the skin and the science of Cosmetic Chemistry has evolved and we are now at the forefront of understanding what the skin needs to function. This gives us the power to prevent so many skin concerns.  This power is called CORNEOTHERAPY.

Dermaviduals is a topical skincare that works along the principles of Corneotherapy.

A skin care that uses preventative measures and restores the Stratum Corneum.

The composition of Dermaviduals makes it unlike any other skin cream you have used before. All the creams utilise a Derma Membrane Structure (DMS); which essentially mimics the structure of the outer layer of your skin, thus allowing Dermaviduals to REPAIR, RESTORE and STRENGTHEN the skin. Combine this with the 29 actives and Liposome Technology… the result is a very unique skin care line.

Dermaviduals Facial - More Info90 Minutes£85
Dermaviduals Facial - More Info60 Minutes£60