Take advantage this Autumn to start your journey of permanent hair removal with an AMAZING 25% off all courses booked until 30.10.18 Using the results driven Candela Syneron Gentleman Pro smooth skin can be achieved in minimal time.  Each session can take only 10mins and we advise a course of 6-8 sessions.   check out […]

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Environ have created a treatment to drive biologically active ingredients deep into the lower layers of the skin.  This results in a reduction of the dreaded uneven orange peel effect on the upper thighs, buttocks and stomach leaving skin super smooth, hydrated and nourished.   It also helps to smooth and minimise stretch marks.  Combining […]

AS AN INDICATOR, SPF IS NOT SUFFICIENT – IT ONLY GIVES US INFORMATION ABOUT SUNBURN SPF NUMBERS, used by the entire profession, does not provide the user with information regarding the product’s capacity to protect the skin’s youthfulness. It indicates the level of UVB protection (responsible for causing sunburn). The many different quantitative and especially qualitative […]