Did you know the skin is our biggest organ?

It is our protection, scaffold and cushioning for our body’s organs. So, It is quite key to look after it!

Made up of two main layers – the epidermis and the dermis – they are intrinsically linked and so in order to achieve the healthiest skin they both need treating.

The epidermis is largely our ‘barrier and protection’ made of many cells, and the dermis cushions us from stress and strain and harbours nerve endings, hair follicles, glands and blood vessels.

At Eve & Adam Boutique Spa we offer different treatments and products for both these layers and for all different skin types, and skin concerns –  from acne, scarring, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, roseacea to  simple dullness.

Before administering any treatment or recommending any product, our highly trained skin therapists engage in a full skincare consultation. This allows us to ensure we are giving you and your skin the ultimate experience and, more importantly, the ultimate end results.  A bespoke programme and routine is recommended for each client as every skin is individual.  This may involve mixing product brands and treatments over a course of time.

We hold regular FREE skin analysis events at the spa offering full Visia scanning on the face.  This enables you to actually see the visible differences once you have embarked on your skin journey. See our events page for more info.

Please click on the following links, or call the salon, for further information on our skincare brands