SkinPen Treatment

For treatment of ageing, wrinkles, scars and melasma

“SkinPen has set the gold standard in Microneedling”

  • Globally the ONLY FDA APPROVED Microneedling Pen with NEW patented Microneedle disposable cartridge with its in-built reciprocating device 

The SkinPen microneedling device has revolutionised micro needling, offering improved results compared to DERMAROLLERS. It is more sanitary because it uses disposable needle cartridges.

The procedure creates many microscopic puncture wounds in the skin’s epidermis (outer layer) which stimulates the body’s production of collagen and elastin during the wound healing response. 

Microneedling sessions are short and require little, or no, downtime.

Post procedure kits contain essential ingredients to soothe, nourish and lubricate the skin.  The products work as a catalyst to help the tiny wounds heal faster.

One of the SkinPen’s greatest advantages is that it is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES.  

3 Treatments are recommended for ageing and wrinkles.  6 is required for scarring and melasma.

Ask our aestheticians for more information on combining the pen with peels to achieve optimum results.

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Skinpen - More Info1hr 15 Minutes£199
Skinpen - without topical anaesthetic cream - More Info45 Minutes£199