Eve & Adam Spa’s SkinPen treatment is an ideal solution for those suffering with melasma or ageing, wrinkled, scarred skin. 

Globally, it’s the only FDA approved microneedling pen, complete with new patented microneedle disposable cartridges and an in-built reciprocating device. Needless to say, the SkinPen treatment has set the gold standard in microneedling. 

The procedure creates many microscopic puncture wounds in the skin's epidermis (outer layer), which stimulates the body's production of collagen and elastin during the wound healing response. 

The Venus Freeze treatment sessions are short and require little, or no, downtime.

3 treatments are recommended for ageing and wrinkled skin, whereas those suffering from scarring and melasma will require a minimum of 6 treatments in total.

Post-procedure kits contain essential ingredients to soothe, nourish and lubricate the skin. The products work as a catalyst to help the tiny wounds heal faster.

If required, the skin can be numbed using a local anaesthetic cream. The pen is used in set areas across the whole face and neck.

75 Minutes


The pen is used in set areas across the whole face and neck.

45 Minutes