Premium LED Mask

October 2019

You may have recently seen Victoria Beckham recently sporting a rather alien-like illuminated mask that looked like it belongs to Halloween.  Beauty is everything in Hollywood and that’s why it’s usually our favourite A-listers leading the charge on anything the promises youthful, clear skin.. These masks are used for LED Light Therapy It all started last year with a post by Jessica Alba, but recently Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Kelly Rowland have all posted photos too. According to In Style, the blue light targets acne-causing bacteria; red stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin to decrease fine lines and wrinkles; pink boosts the skin’s repair function. Combinations of the different lights are used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The mask is used for skin rejuvenation and pain relief as it increases blood flow, promotes wound healing, stimulates collagen and elastin production. It can also be used […]


Suncreen daily – Even in Winter? Yes REALLY – and this is why…

May 2019

Don’t be fooled….ageing rays are always around us even on grey days If you are serious about protecting your skin, daily sunscreen is an absolute must.  In fact, in our salon we recommend that if there is only one product you wish to take, it would be SUNSCREEN applied daily, all year.  UVA/UVB rays are consistently around us, sun or cloud. But did you know that Blue Light is a ‘silent ager’?  So, what is blue light? A lot of the white light we are exposed to is actually made up of blue rays, which have short wavelengths and more energy than warmer colours found in light, such as red and orange.  Blue light gives that beautiful blue colour on a cloudless day.  But, it is also emitted by that hypnotic blue glow of devices and computer screens.  So what is this blue light exposure doing to our skin? The research into the effects of blue light is […]

Alumiermd ad

Chemical Peel explained by Alumier MD

February 2019

Make up results

How to achieve this amazing look with Jane Iredale mineral make-up

December 2017

To achieve my makeup look I applied Smooth Affair primer to clean skin, then used the Blending brush to apply Glow Time BB Cream for a smooth, glowing base. I used the Colour Correction palette to help achieve a flawless finish, blending a peach tone under the eyes to counteract purple/blue, and yellow on spots to counteract redness. I then blended Disappear concealer over the top to fully cover any imperfections. Before applying powder I used my finger to blend in the creamy In Touch Highlighter on the highest part of the cheekbones, under the arch of the brow and over my Cupid’s bow. I then used the Handi brush to dust on Pure Pressed powder for a full coverage, flawless base. I added dimension to my face with a little contouring. I used the White Fan brush to blend So Bronze 2 in the hollows of my cheeks, on […]

Lycon waxing St Albans

Worried about Intimate Waxing?

November 2017

Worried about intimate waxing? Here are some tips to help overcome any fears…   1) Knowledge – Meet the therapist & take a look at the wax and room. You’ll feel more comfortable when you’ve asked questions and know a little more about what to expect. 2) Also ask friends about their experience and get any tips. Girls like sharing experiences! 3) Are you worried about exposing ‘that’ area?! – don’t worry. As therapists we are NOT looking or assessing your parts! We are professional and are here to provide a service and do this treatment many times over a day. 4) Is it pain you are worried about? Our Lycon hot wax is one of the least painful products on the market. The wax is flexible due to its soothing essential oils so is easier & quicker to remove and we find the best distraction tactic – is talking! 5) If  you’re really worried about pain – Some […]

Women with healthy skin in autumn

Top Tips to a healthier skin this Autumn

As much as I love the changing seasons of this country, they can play absolute havoc with our skin. Autumn is now with us and like the leaves on the trees, our skin may now feel dry, dehydrated and flaky thanks to sun, air conditioning and heat exposure over the summer. Now is a great time to take stock and get your skin glowing and re-hydrated ready to tackle the mixed temperatures of winter. Over the summer, you may have chosen to spend more than a few hours on a deck chair, ignoring the fact that extensive sun exposure can affect your skin. Regardless of whether you spent time tanning or not, obviously wearing your ENVIRON RAD and sunscreens, your skin will certainly now need some TLC. 1. Have Facials to Restore Health to Your Skin. A cleansing facial is recommended to remove all the sunscreen you put on, which can […]