Boosting Immunity & relieving stress during Lockdown

Boosting Your Immunity and relieving stress during Lockdown

The one thing about these unprecedented times is that we are all united in experiencing uncertainty about the future.  Our Immune system is at risk of taking a battering at the moment.  Many things from stress to poor nutrition can suppress our immunity thus exposing us to being more susceptible to illness. But we can really help to boost our immunity with some very simple adaptations to our daily living and predominantly, by being kind to ourselves.

None of us sadly have a crystal ball to determine tomorrow’s update, let alone where we will be in 6 months time so it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and low.  We are out of control and as humans, we don’t ‘deal’ with this very well.

But knowing that we are all in this together and that we all (largely) are governed by the same rules, can help.  Seeing the Nation unite in our bid to beat this virus is tremendous. The things people are doing to raise money for the NHS is amazing – it helps to make us feel ‘together’ even though sadly ‘physically’, we are not.


But I can’t help feeling that we are overly exposed to people ‘achieving’ daily and there is a danger of ‘bandwagon’ mentality.  What I mean is, that seeing people achieving is fabulous (especially for such worthy causes) but it can also bring pressure. Remember you don’t NEED to run a marathon, to start that new form of exercise, to write a book, etc etc  – Just committing to clapping every Thursday night at 8pm, for example,  shows support and praise for all our frontline workers.  It is enough. Don’t put yourself under pressure by feeling the need to do something new or different.  Just keeping you and your loved ones safe is enough.


Sleep is known to restore and rejuvenate you. Reduced sleep leads to increased inflammation, hunger and adrenaline and a decrease in cognitive function, memory and tolerance –  Tolerance is (something we really all do need during this time!)

In addition, sleep loss is associated with damaged telomeres which is a key sign of cellular ageing and it also negatively impacts the microbiome (see following)

So yes, it is quite tempting to stay up late to binge watch the latest box set but if you are anything like me, I never sleep in. If you have had a rough night, try and get a ‘nana nap’ in during the day – I appreciate not possible if you are working  or have young kids.  So try and keep to your normal bedtime routine – go to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time

The Gut and diet

As gross as it may sound, your gut is inhabited by massive populations of different bugs – bacteria, fungi and parasites – that in total weigh about as much as the human brain!  This hidden world is our microbiome.  These bugs interact with our body and the food we eat. If we treat these organisms poorly, they can make us feel depressed and anxious but if we treat them well they can lighten our mood. If we are feeling low, or tired, it’s very tempting to reach for those refined and highly processed foods and alcohol but colourful plant-derived foods rich in fibre such as fruits, vegetables and legumes nourish our gut bugs, sending flashes of information to the brain saying all is ok! (Dr Rangan Chatterjee- The Stress Solution)

Immunity increasers – Black Garlic, Ginger and Green Tea

Immunity depleters – Sugar – We should also minimise sugar in the diet.  Did you know just 1 teaspoon of sugar a day reduces the immune system by 50% for 5 hours! (Lorraine Perreta – The Advanced Nutrition Programme) We have something called ‘macrophage’ in us that reach out and ‘grab’ bacteria and infection and disperse them.  Sugar breaks down the ‘sticky pads’ they have that grab these nasties so keeping sugar to a minimum is sensible here.  And what sugar does to the skin….well I will leave learn about that on one of our vlogs (see Instagram details below)


We are told to eat our’ 5 a day’ to ensure good gut health. In reality we should eat 15 a day! But let’s face it, this is nigh-on impossible.   We can improve our immunity with supplements like “Immunity Intelligence” – from The Advanced Nutrition Programme. This succinct series of immune-supporting nutrients of vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D, as well as folate, iron, selenium and zinc are united together in daily-dose pods with five capsules and tablets.  It also includes Colostrum in double dose – the antibody in our first line of defence (£63 – works out at just £2.25/day – and more nutritionally better than that coffee!) email info@eve-and-adam.comto order


Wow! Just how many online workouts are there at the moment?  It is fantastic that fitness professionals are offering all kinds of free workouts for all levels and ages. Exercise can help to relieve stress, tone muscle and increase flexibility, as well as increase blood flow to your skin ( I am a complete believer in skin renewal via oxygen circulation btw!).

But… and there is a BUT… it can be tempting to over exercise during this time as we simply have so much time to fill –  we could be in danger of overdoing it.  In fact, Liverpool Hope University has just launched a statement in which they warn that doing too much exercise means you’re putting yourself at risk of injury and as a knock-on effect – illness. That’s because when you’re injured, your immunity is lowered so it will struggle to fight infections. Not great timing considering the reason we’re all in lockdown is because of a highly infectious virus.

“The science behind exercise and immunity involves the complex interaction of a number of different cells, including immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, which can help identify a virus,” explains Dr Matthew Jackson, a lecturer in Sport and Health Science at the university. “Prolonged bouts of vigorous aerobic activity could actually lead to immunosuppression as these cells are redistributed and diverted to key tissues and organs that are active during exercise.” Which basically means that too much of a good thing could be compromising your immunity. (Harpers Bazaar)

My advice is to mix it up – if you feel compelled to exercise twice a day just do one CV session and something like yoga or weights at the other.  Making use of our daily allowance of getting out for exercise for an hour should be made the most of

Routine and Organisation

The first 2 weeks felt a bit like a holiday and routine went out the window.  Yes – we had no time pressures and could do anything at any time (as long as it was mainly confined to our own 4 walls)

I hadn’t quite realised how I actually loved routine though, until now.   And, the same goes for my teenager who couldn’t wait for remote learning to start again after the Easter holidays. She is is lucky to have this facility as I am to have my work as a focus.  I feel for those who are trying to amuse little ones and home school while trying to work themselves sometimes.  So this is why a bit of organisation is really key now. There are several blogs/articles out there but if you need support , head over to

The Power of Touch

I did my final major project on ‘the power of touch’ when completing my college course (many years ago!)  Studies confirm the primal importance of physical touch in that is reduces the feelings of social exclusion – Don’t we know how painful that can be now – especially if you are in isolation.  A lack of touch can be a physical stressor.   A hug goes a long way but the same goes for ‘stroking’ which is primal, and not learned. Mothers intuitively caress their babies this way as you would a pet too.  If you live alone and without a pet, simply applying cream, oil or moisturiser can be so soothing – try a mini facial with a massage (we can help with this)

Outside of our own households for the foreseeable future, we need to replace human ‘touch’.  Feeling the grass under your feet and just being ‘in’ nature may help. Reach out to people – Pick up the phone and talk, rather than text during these times.  A voice may not replace touch but it helps someone to know they are in our thoughts, and we them.

Keep safe


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Skin pen or needling

What is Microneedling?

 Microneedling  (or Collagen Induction Therapy) is administered either manually via a roller filled with microneedles or an electrical pen. 

It is widely renowned as a results driven treatment for reducing wrinkles, scarring and uneven skintone.

Both ways puncture the skin with micro holes alerting the immune system that the body is under attack and the skin is being harmed.  The body then triggers it’s natural powers of healing.  Blood cells (platelets) join together at the site of the ‘trauma’ and clot to stop bleeding. The platelets then release chemicals called cytokines into the bloodstream.  These attract the attention of other special cells that start the healing – this is the inflammation and redness. Inflammation here is good – the healing is happening.  Collagen and elastin are then stimulated to reproduce. These healing agents naturally begin to restore the micro-injuries that have been made a well as the damaged skin cells responsible for wrinkles and poor skin texture, leaving a smoother skin with an even-toned complexion.

The channels made by the needles also allow for a topical anti-aging product to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis. For example, we use an anti-aging serum immediately after our procedure with Skinpen to flood the skin with youthful peptides and antioxidents.

Homecare rollers– We do advocate rollering at home, especially if you are unsure of needling at the salon – it is a good thing to try at home first. The homecare rollers are smaller in size so are not as efficacious as a salon treatment, however the channels, as mentioned before, created by the needles will allow a much quicker a deeper absorption of your homecare products.  Microrollers are commonly available via the internet.  We only advocate the Environ cosmetic roller (£68.00) others are available but please buy from a reputable supplier.

But which way – rollers or the skinpen?  Our preferred method would be using the Skinpen here at the salon.  The needles in the pen are adjustable to suit each client’s own individual requirement.  For example acne scaring would require a deeper depth of needle.  Globally, it’s the only FDA approved microneedling pen, complete with new patented microneedle disposable cartridges and an in-built reciprocating device.Using a disposable cartridge at each treatment negates any cross contamination, whereas a client’s roller gets reused. Also with the pen, the needles hit this skin vertically but with the roller, they are slanted which could cause slight tears in the skin.

Benefits – treatment is especially effective for addressing the visible signs of ageing, as well as acne scarring, slackened skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels.

3 treatments are recommended for skin tone and anti-ageing and 6 for scarring.  Little downtime compared to injectables and laser treatments, for example.

We prescribe bespoke skin plans combining treatments to include peels, radio frequency and skin pen in order to achieve the optimum results.

To see how we can achieve skin changes for you please call the salon to book a FREE skin consultation

Premium LED Mask

You may have recently seen Victoria Beckham recently sporting a rather alien-like illuminated mask that looked like it belongs to Halloween.  Beauty is everything in Hollywood and that’s why it’s usually our favourite A-listers leading the charge on anything the promises youthful, clear skin.. These masks are used for LED Light Therapy

It all started last year with a post by Jessica Alba, but recently Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Kelly Rowland have all posted photos too. According to In Style, the blue light targets acne-causing bacteria; red stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin to decrease fine lines and wrinkles; pink boosts the skin’s repair function. Combinations of the different lights are used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The mask is used for skin rejuvenation and pain relief as it increases blood flow, promotes wound healing, stimulates collagen and elastin production. It can also be used to treat mild to moderate acne and for post treatment pain relief.

According to the experts, the leading option is the Déesse Premium LED Mask. The idea is that you use the mask on clean, dry skin for 20 minutes a few times a week.  At Eve & Adam Beauty Salon you can add this onto any treatment – After a facial to speed up the benefits, while you are having your nails done or during a pedicure. Or, you can simply come in for a standalone treatment to include a full cleanse and tone plus – and how amazing is this…a zone out room to relax and possibly sleep in!

For more information please contact Eve & Adam on 01727 854483

The Retinol Hoo-Ha

So what exactly is RETINOL and  VITAMIN A?

It is currently everywhere in the beauty world – from Instagram to Facebook and more recently featured as one of the most effective products to combat anti-ageing on the BBC’s ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT …looking good”

Along with, sunscreen and peptides, retinol and its derivatives are now considered our MUST HAVE anti ageing products – and we agree.

But it does seem quite confusing – there seem to be so many?   Retin-A, Retin-A micro, retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, adapalene, isotretinoin, tretinoin and tazarotene, among others, are all various forms of retinoids, which in turn are various forms of vitamin A.

The difference is really just their strength.  And strength is key here.  You need to build up the skin’s tolerance to vitamin A so starting on a low dose is important – trust us, you want to avoid a ‘retinoid reaction’ – red, blotchy and potentially very itchy skin.  While this calms down and does not have damaging effects it is just not a good look!

Suncreen daily – Even in Winter? Yes REALLY – and this is why…

Don’t be fooled….ageing rays are always around us even on grey days

If you are serious about protecting your skin, daily sunscreen is an absolute must.  In fact, in our salon we recommend that if there is only one product you wish to take, it would be SUNSCREEN applied daily, all year.  UVA/UVB rays are consistently around us, sun or cloud.

But did you know that Blue Light is a ‘silent ager’? 

So, what is blue light? A lot of the white light we are exposed to is actually made up of blue rays, which have short wavelengths and more energy than warmer colours found in light, such as red and orange.  Blue light gives that beautiful blue colour on a cloudless day.  But, it is also emitted by that hypnotic blue glow of devices and computer screens.  So what is this blue light exposure doing to our skin?

The research into the effects of blue light is still in its infancy, but a study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that when participants were exposed to equivalent levels of UVA and blue rays, they experienced more pigment, redness and swelling after the blue light exposure.

Dermatologists are increasingly finding pigmentation at the sides of the face, where a mobile phone is held giving credence in the that hand held devices can cause skin damage. 

Although reducing screen time will help to decrease our exposure to blue light, its important to remember that the sun is still the biggest source of damaging rays. 

So… What kind of Sunscreen? 

Chemical ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreens – those high street ones you will have heard of – do protect against UVA & UVB but not blue light, but they get also get absorbed into the skin.  Dozens of studies in the last decade have found that some of the small chemical particles absorbed are causing skin irritation, allergy, hormonal disruption and skin damage.  Many of these chemicals are suspected allergens,  hormone distruptors and carcinogens.  

Physical filters– Such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (minerals)  – sit on the top of the skin and do NOT get absorbed into the system. They are photostable and have an excellent safety record for skin protection.  Using a physical filter sunscreen daily, along with antioxidents and peptides, will result in more firm, less wrinkled and pigmented skin.   They come in powder or cream consistencies and should be applied daily, after applying your usual moisturiser.

Ennviron have created POWDER ME – a powder physical sunscreen

Both Alumier MD and Environ offer a full range of tinted and untinted screens for the face – For more information on what is suitable for you personally do ask your skincare consultation on your next visit to us at Eve & Adam Boutique Spa

 Sources – the IIAA (Environ uk) and Alumier MD

Environ’s RAD – SPF 15 – a physical filter sunscreen for the face & body

How to achieve this amazing look with Jane Iredale mineral make-up

To achieve my makeup look I applied Smooth Affair primer to clean skin, then used the Blending brush to apply Glow Time BB Cream for a smooth, glowing base. I used the Colour Correction palette to help achieve a flawless finish, blending a peach tone under the eyes to counteract purple/blue, and yellow on spots to counteract redness. I then blended Disappear concealer over the top to fully cover any imperfections.

Before applying powder I used my finger to blend in the creamy In Touch Highlighter on the highest part of the cheekbones, under the arch of the brow and over my Cupid’s bow. I then used the Handi brush to dust on Pure Pressed powder for a full coverage, flawless base.

I added dimension to my face with a little contouring. I used the White Fan brush to blend So Bronze 2 in the hollows of my cheeks, on the temples and along the jaw. I then finished with Pure Pressed blush on the apples of my cheeks, using the Chisel Powder brush to blend and avoid any harsh lines.

I defined my brows with the Bitty Brow kit, then applied my eyeshadow. I used the Smoke Gets In Your Eyes kit mixed with the Silver Lining trio to create a subtle smokey eye. I dusted a pale colour over the whole lid using the Deluxe Shader and built up darker shades in the crease and under the eye with the Small Fluff. I applied Jelly Jar Gel Liner with the Bent Liner brush along the upper lash line, and used the Eye Pencil to colour the waterline black.

I lined and filled in my lips with the Lip Pencil to create a rosy base, and topped it with Lip Fixation for colour that lasts all day.

Lastly, I set my makeup with Pommist Spritz, giving my skin instant hydration and antioxidants, and melting the minerals into my skin for a perfect finish.

Products used:
Smooth Affair primer
Glow Time BB Cream in BB3
Colour Correction palette
Disappear Concealer in Light
Pure Pressed Powder in Radiant
In Touch Highlighter in Complete
So Bronze 2
Pure Pressed Blush in Barely Rose
Bitty Brow Brunette
Eyeshadow Kit in Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Eyeshadow Trio in Silver Lining
Eye Pencil in Basic Black
Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner in Black
Lip Pencil in Rose
Lip Fixation in Fascination
Pommist Spritz

White Fan
Chisel Powder
Deluxe Shader
Small Fluff
Bent Liner

Is a regular cleansing regime important …or will wipes do?

Go on admit it….you’ve used wipes to remove make-up or clean you face before.  Perhaps you regularly do?  That could be considered better than using soap and water I suppose.  Even if you don’t wear make-up it is really important to ensure we clean our face properly each day.  Our skin is actually the biggest organ of our bodies, and is often overlooked even though it’s the one we see! It needs to breath in order to repair and rejuvenate.  If you think about what might ‘hitch a lift’ each day on it – bacteria, dust mites, dirt, sweat and bacteria to name a few – it is not a pretty thought.  If they are not removed these critters block the pores causing spots, dry or a grey and lifeless complexion.

Unsure of what routine and products to use?  If you are partial to water then a wash may be for you.  If you have dry or mature skin then I would recommend a creamy cleanser (some remove eye make-up too – eg Elemis rehydrating rosepetal cleanser).  For the mature skin try the NEW Elemis Pro Collagen cleansing balm. Follow by toning.  This is key as it rebalances the PH of the skin, plus you won’t believe how much more dirt is removed in this stage! Mature skins should add a serum at this stage, eye cream plus a good moisturiser. I’ll talk about exfoliating next time.

Worried about Intimate Waxing?

Worried about intimate waxing? Here are some tips to help overcome any fears…


1) Knowledge – Meet the therapist & take a look at the wax and room. You’ll feel more comfortable when you’ve asked questions and know a little more about what to expect.
2) Also ask friends about their experience and get any tips. Girls like sharing experiences!
3) Are you worried about exposing ‘that’ area?! – don’t worry. As therapists we are NOT looking or assessing your parts! We are professional and are here to provide a service and do this treatment many times over a day.
4) Is it pain you are worried about? Our Lycon hot wax is one of the least painful products on the market. The wax is flexible due to its soothing essential oils so is easier & quicker to remove and we find the best distraction tactic – is talking!
5) If  you’re really worried about pain – Some clients have been known to take pain relief or have a stiff drink prior to their wax – if anything, this would relax you!
6) Have a smaller area waxed first – ie, have an underarm or standard bikini wax? That way you’ll be familiar with the sensation and procedure before attempting the full monty
7) Visualise the end product – think how you will undress in the changing room or jump into the pool with the confidence there will not be a hair is in sight!
8) Remember this is just a moment in time – in fact just 30 minutes every 5 weeks to achieve a smooth and hair free finish!
9) Think PAST your first visit. If you book in every 5 weeks the hair removal gets easier and quicker each time
10) Reward yourself afterwards with a treat – maybe new pair of knickers 