Give your hardworking palms a taste of luxury with the OPI Pro Spa Intensive Moisturising Gloves 1-Pack. Like a face mask for the hands, these nourishing gloves are pre-filled with a nurturing blend. Transforming the skin from dry and cracked to nourished and radiant, this treatment will leave your palms silky smooth.

Infused with ultra-moisturising Macadamia Oil, the formula is packed with essential fatty acids that work to strengthen skin, combatting premature signs of ageing. Formulated with Vitamin E, the formula is fuelled by antioxidant power, shielding the skin from harmful environmental aggressors and damaging urban stressors. Targeting dry skin, Shea Butter softens, heals and nurtures the skin, replenishing lacklustre areas. Finally, Coconut Oil locks in this newfound moisture for long lasting hydration, leaving the skin with an improved texture.