Don’t be fooled….ageing rays are always around us even on grey days


If you are serious about protecting your skin, daily sunscreen is an absolute must.  In fact, in our salon we recommend that if there is only one product you wish to take, it would be SUNSCREEN applied daily, all year.  UVA/UVB rays are consistently around us, sun or cloud.

But did you know that Blue Light is a ‘silent ager’? 

So, what is blue light? A lot of the white light we are exposed to is actually made up of blue rays, which have short wavelengths and more energy than warmer colours found in light, such as red and orange.  Blue light gives that beautiful blue colour on a cloudless day.  But, it is also emitted by that hypnotic blue glow of devices and computer screens.  So what is this blue light exposure doing to our skin?

The research into the effects of blue light is still in its infancy, but a study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that when participants were exposed to equivalent levels of UVA and blue rays, they experienced more pigment, redness and swelling after the blue light exposure.

Dermatologists are increasingly finding pigmentation at the sides of the face, where a mobile phone is held giving credence in the that hand held devices can cause skin damage. 

Although reducing screen time will help to decrease our exposure to blue light, its important to remember that the sun is still the biggest source of damaging rays. 

So… What kind of Sunscreen? 

Chemical ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreens – those high street ones you will have heard of – do protect against UVA & UVB but not blue light, but they get also get absorbed into the skin.  Dozens of studies in the last decade have found that some of the small chemical particles absorbed are causing skin irritation, allergy, hormonal disruption and skin damage.  Many of these chemicals are suspected allergens,  hormone distruptors and carcinogens.  

Physical filters– Such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (minerals)  – sit on the top of the skin and do NOT get absorbed into the system. They are photostable and have an excellent safety record for skin protection.  Using a physical filter sunscreen daily, along with antioxidents and peptides, will result in more firm, less wrinkled and pigmented skin.   They come in powder or cream consistencies and should be applied daily, after applying your usual moisturiser.

Ennviron have created POWDER ME – a powder physical sunscreen

Both Alumier MD and Environ offer a full range of tinted and untinted screens for the face – For more information on what is suitable for you personally do ask your skincare consultation on your next visit to us at Eve & Adam Boutique Spa

 Sources – the IIAA (Environ uk) and Alumier MD


Environ’s RAD – SPF 15 – a physical filter sunscreen for the face & body

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